Reliability and honesty, willingness to act rationally for the good of the people have always distinguished the Company. Unexceptionable business reputation, the Company has always complied and will comply with all obligations to customers, partners and employees of the Company. We believe - and we have earned that trust.


Competence, responsibility and experience - the basis of our work. The company - the organization of professionals. Everyone who works with us, I'm sure that gets maximum attention to their concerns and needs. Professionalism - it is not only the achievement of best performance, as well as professional motivation, aspiration system, values. We do not share customers on the important and less important. Each client can always count on professional assistance, quality service and expert advice from our experts.


The Company's employees share the Company's strategic goals, means and ways of achieving them, abide by the existing rules, norms and regulations, as well as to their responsibilities and set in the position profile instructions.


The Company's employees seek to optimize the Company's expenses; minimize the loss of time, energy, money, thrifty use of entrusted equipment, tools, equipment.


The ability to win in difficult situations, to make changes as a change for the better and enjoy the common achievements - the inherent qualities that we use in our work every day. The company encounters difficulties with self-confidence in the professionalism and loyalty of their employees. We look to the future, creating a stable and prosperous future today.


Customer-centric approach in our company includes three main components: service (service quality, delivery, warranty, etc.) and evaluation of customer satisfaction, corporate style (design of retail outlets, brand book, appearance manager and t . etc.) Collaboration (in relation to clients, the skills of working with them, the ability to anticipate their needs, and so on). Focus on the customer means identifying and meeting the needs of complex clients in accordance with corporate standards, building long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


Management of the Company is based on the following basic principles: operational planning (setting objectives, structure interaction, criteria for evaluating the effectiveness and so on), clear and rapid implementation of plans at minimal cost accounting (document management) and control (employee motivation, performance evaluation , the formulation and testing tasks within the prescribed period). Operational management - this is something that every employee, every head makes the "here and now", efficiently and on time.